Group of People


Our clients represent the diversity of businesses and enterprises, and come from all segments of the economy – public corporations, private companies, partnerships, trusts, not-for-profit, and individuals. These clients are doing business in such diverse industries as light and heavy manufacturing, transportation, real estate, retail, natural resources, wholesale, financial services, farming, construction, and the service industry.

Steingarten & Company LLP is committed to providing each client with the highest levels of service and leading – edge professional advice, with specific focus on their industry specific needs. We provide financial planning services, sophisticated income and corporate tax strategies, estate planning, and understand the specific accounting needs of "high net worth" individuals.

We view each of our clients as a unique opportunity to match our skills and resources to their needs to assist them in strengthening their business. We value the opportunity to learn more about your specific accounting needs, and to find the combination of services that will enable you to measure your fiscal success through solid growth, developed potential, and tangible profitability. Steingarten & Company LLP is not your only choice in Chartered Professional Accountant firms, but we believe that we are your best choice. Let us show you.